Gulf Associates, Inc. (GAI) goal is to advise clients on the development of superior international investment strategies. The group has outstanding relationships with global banks, investment groups, and private investors looking to extend their business activities with enterprises in the Middle East, South Asia and North America. With the history, experience and dedication of its international team, Gulf Associates is at the nexus of business collaboration in these  regions.

GAI’s success in investing is built on the following foundation:

Project Development, Acquisitions and Equity Investments – GAI systematically seeks out the best of both local and international partners. The local partner is usually an established entity that has substantial business dealings in fields related to the project as well as contacts in the local official and business communities. The international entity is almost always the technical partner contributing expertise to the venture and sharing in its financial risk.

The group has built and invested in unique enterprises drawing on historical strengths included the following:

GAI initiated FLAG Telecom (Fiber Link Around the Globe), which brought together Verizon (USA) Marubeni (Japan) and the Dallah-Al Baraka Group (Saudi Arabia) to establish a $1.8 billion undersea fiber-optic cable connecting the United Kingdom to Japan via Egypt.

Gulf Associates has represented such companies as Volkswagon, ExxonMobil, Revlon, Chase Bank, Rockefeller Group, Johnson & Johnson, Schweppes and Schering-Plough.

Partnership – GAI conducts methodical searches for business partner firms across North American, Middle Eastern and South Asian borders pursuant to mandates from the strategic project initiator. Such projects include: distribution of North American products and services in the Middle East and South Asia, financing and acquisition of U.S. enterprises by Middle Eastern and South Asian investors, acquiring North American technical, contracting and financial partners for locally sponsored capital projects in the Middle East and South Asia.

We invite companies in new technologies, engineering businesses, and real estate enterprises in North America and Europe to join the investment strategies of our more than two hundred listed investment entities in South Asia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Iraq, Afghanistan and India.

Owing to the interdependent global economy and changes in international sanctions, many corporations are reassessing their investment directions and developing new business goals for the Middle East. Gulf Associates expertly guides corporate partnerships, investment and sales strategies in the Region.

We pride ourselves on our reputation, our long-term relationships and go about our work with transparency, dedication and integrity.