Potential Business Synergy

Iran-How GAI Can Help Business Resurge

Gulf Associates, Inc. is the trading company that was the chief U.S. based consulting, purchasing and recruitment division of one of Iran’s largest industrial and commercial conglomerates, the Sabet Group, during the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. In the following thirty-five years, the group has operated independently as an American finance and trading company while initiating capital projects and trade transactions for our international corporate partners with investors or entrepreneurs in other Middle Eastern countries.

The Group have continued to maintain relationships with many private sector business leaders in Iran who are poised to join with international firms to pursue sales and distribution and/or project contracts. Now that the U.S. and other Western powers have reached a sanctions-ending accord with the Iranian government, we are rededicating our business-building skills and contacts to create new cooperation ventures between enterprises in Iran, North Atlantic and the Pacific Rim.

We invite American, Canadian, European and Asian manufacturing, investment and engineering companies to request our proposals to help fulfill their market development strategies and place them in contact with qualified partners in Iran – a Country of 80 million consumers with GNP 400 billion that is opening up again to integration with the world economy. Gulf Associates will also respond immediately to inquiries from Iranian entities that would consider mandating GAI to find Western suppliers or partners for their business plans.

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